Thaayrohyadi, 8000 Drums: Leslee Goodman
March 14, 2012, 9:27 pm
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GOODMAN: What is the significance of 8,000 drums?

THAAYROHYADI: Eight thousand symbolizes infinity, and the drum symbolizes the human heart. We each carry a drum within us, and when our drums beat in harmony we treat the Earth and each other with respect. We become balanced, and our balanced energy helps to restore balance on the Earth. When we are in harmony, there is no war. When we are in harmony, there is no greed. When we are in harmony, we care for each other.

The vibration of 8,000 drums beating together sends power- ful energy to the spirit world and to the natural world that the people of Earth are waking up—that our hearts are coming into alignment. Our elders say that healing the drum of the human heart sends healing wherever that person goes—into govern- ment, business, into the family, the community, into nature. That’s why healing the heart is so important.

GOODMAN: What does the heart need to be healed of?

THAAYROHYADI: Painful memories—from this life or previous ones. The history of humanity is one of suffering. Indigenous people know this well. The poisonous treatment of the Earth and of our brothers and sisters is not just from the past; it con- tinues today also. Yet our elders say that every day is a good day to forgive—to release anger, sadness, jealousy, fear, and all of the negative emotions. It is time for the Great Healing to begin. Everyone must take responsibility for doing the work of releas- ing bad memories, healing old wounds, and transmuting the pain we carry as humans, families, clans—indeed, the pain of all living beings. We need to “heal our heart” with all our relations.

To view Leslee’s full article in 11:11 Magazine, please click here and direct yourself to the March/April 2012 issue!

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